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Prohibition imposed on the importation of Motor Vehicles over twelve years Old

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Please be guided by the Statutory Rules and Orders#8 of 2018 which took effect

from 1st May, 2018 and provides for an amendment in Part 1 of the Third Schedule
of the Customs (Control and Management) Act CAP 422 to include item 12A as a
prohibited import.

You are therefore asked to take note of the following guidelines when applying
this amendment:


  • The prohibition (ban) on importation is imposed on any motor vehicle
    described under Chapter 87 of the CET over twelve years old from the
    date of manufacture to the date of importation.


  • A transition period of thirty days from 1st May, 2018 has been granted to
    facilitate the arrival of any motor vehicle shown to the satisfaction of the
    Comptroller of Customs to have been ordered prior to the date of
    commencement of the Order. The transition period ended on 31st May, 2018.
  • The necessary supporting documents to determine whether the motor vehicle
    is prohibited or not must be submitted to the Valuation Unit. These may
    include proforma invoice, wire transfer etc.

  • If a motor vehicle is found to be prohibited among a consignment with other
    vehicles or goods, the freight and other charges will be apportioned as normal.
    However, the vehicle will NOT be accepted on the entry.

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All are asked to take note and be guided accordingly.

By order of the Comptroller of Customs and Excise



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