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The Customs & Excise Association of St. Vincent and the Grenadines was formed in 1983. Our Motto is "Sow Together Reap Forever", and has as its colours yellow and blue. The Association aims and objectives are outlined in our Constitution as follows:

  1. To promote and foster unity at every level in the Department
  2. To educate each other on aspects of Customs & Excise
  3. To develop and promote sports at a Departmental and National level
  4. To foster a good relationship and to educate the public on matters relating to work
  5. To foster a harmonious relationship with equitable regional organizations

Membership is open to all Customs Officers, Customs Guards, Ex-Customs Officers and Guards and persons with a very deep interest in the advancement of the Association.

The current Executives of the Association are:

President - Mrs. Sandra Noel
Vice-President - Mr. Anson Evans
Secretary - Ms. Claudine Simmons
Treasurer - Ms. Ishma Jacobs
Assistant Secretary/Treasurer - Ms. Velitha Baptiste
Public Relation Officer - Ms. Lornette Garraway
Guard Force Representative - Mrs. Murvilla Samuel-Layne
Executive Representative - Mrs. Margaret Nash-Miller
Comptroller Representative - Ms. Gemma Mc Cree

Customs and Excise Association Calendar:

  • Easter Regional Customs Tournament April
  • Mother's Day Raffle May
  • Father's Day Raffle June
  • Carnival Food & Bar Sale July
  • Bursary to members' children who were successful in passing Common Entrance September
  • Annual independence Boat ride to Mustique October
  • Inter House Sports Day January
  • Monthly in house food sale January-December

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784-457-2421 / 457-2711

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