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About Registration

Please see below the requirements for the Registration of Importers to avoid delays in the process.

For Individuals

  1. The Customs Importer/ Exporter Registration Form.
  2. A means of Identification - Identification Card, Drivers License or Passport.

For Businesses (Inclusive of non-profit Organisations)

  1. The Customs Importer/Exporter Registration Form.
  2. Copy of Registration Certificate from the Intellectual Properties Office (CIPO)
  3. Tax Identification Number from the Inland Revenue Department (can be in the form of Card, Certificate).

For Churches

  1. The Customs Importer/Exporter Registration Form.
  2. Certificate of Registration or Letter from the Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs.

Also note that for the authorisation of Individuals, the signature on the form MUST MATCH the signature of the identification method submitted, and for Churches and Businesses, the Official Stamp of the Entity must be affixed on to the authorisation form.

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