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Clearing of Barrels and Personal Packages  

Sea Port Operations

  • Collect and sign documentation from local shipping agency (e.g., Bill of Sight, ASYCUDA waybill, delivery note etcetera)  

  • Present National Identification Card to the Port Authority (Kingstown/Campden Park) to collect a Port ID (required for entering the Port compound).  

  • Proceed to Port to have barrel/package located and brought to the examination area.  

  • Present documents to the Customs Officer to have item (s) examined and valued.  

  • Have Bill of Sight authorised by an Assistant Supervisor or an Officer of higher rank.  

  • Proceed to the Customs Cashier for assessment of duties payable and make payment.  

  • Proceed to the Port Authority’s window/officer to pay port charges and tailgate and collect gate pass.  

  • Give copy of gate pass and other release documents to driver to enter Port Authority’s compound.  

  • Present gate pass to Port Clerk in the delivery area to facilitate release of the goods from the Port compound.  

  • Present gate pass and customs release order to the port and customs check points for verification before exit.  


Clearing of Commercial Consignments  

Customs Declaration Processing (ASYCUDA World Processing) 

For the clearance of commercial consignment, a customs declaration must be completed by an authorised agent using the Automated System for Customs Data (ASYCUDA). This must be submitted to the Customs and Excise Department in the prescribed manner. It is used to assess the correct duties and taxes payable. The declaration must have the supporting document attached. Supporting documents include: 

    • Invoices and/or Bills of Sight (In English)  

    • Bill of Lading (For goods arriving via sea)

    • Air Way Bill (For goods arriving via air)  

    • ASYCUDA Waybill  

    • Insurance Certificate (Where applicable)

    • Import Permits (Where applicable)  

    • Certificate of Origin (Where applicable)  

    • Licenses (Where applicable)  

    • Work sheet (Where applicable)  

    • Concession/Exemption Form (Where applicable)  

Air Cargo Operations  


  • Collect the documentation (e.g. Bill of Sight, ASYCUDA waybill, delivery note etcetera) from the requisite agent.  

  • Ensure that documentation is correct before leaving the agent’s office.  

  • Submit documents to the Argyle International Airport (AIA) staff (Ground Handlers).  

  • AIA Ground Handlers will locate the goods and present the goods to Customs in the examination area  

  • Proceed to the waiting area until called by the Customs Officer into the examination area.  

  • Upon receiving a call from the Examination Officer, proceed to be screened by AIA Security before entering the examination area.  

  • Proceed to the examination area where a Customs Officer will perform examination of the goods. The importer or agent must open the package and remove the items to facilitate the examination process. The findings of the examination will be recorded on the bill of sight. N B. Bills and invoices should be presented where possible to facilitate the valuation process.  

  • Have Bill of Sight authorised by an Assistant Supervisor or an Officer of higher rank.  

  • Submit documentation to the Customs Cashier who will assess the duties and taxes payable based on the value of the goods.  

  • Make the requisite payment to the Customs Cashier and collect your receipt and copies of the other documentation.  

  • Proceed to the warehouse and present the Customs Release Order to the Customs Guard, before exit.  

  • AIA Ground Handlers must also approve the exit of the goods.  



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